Thank you for using the District Event Registration website. For your benefit, please observe the following principles when registering for events to obtain the best results for both you and your district administrators.


  1. Please take time to read the event description and any specific instructions carefully before begining your registration process. Where possible, explicit instructions are included here and will make sure that you get registered completely and accurately. Take notice that on many occasions where the event includes a luncheon or dinner where guests/spouses are invited, there will be a separate registration item for the guest/spouse in addition to the Rotarian registration.

  2. The registration process is vital to processing event attendance data such as how many meals, forms, badges and other items that make your event experience the best it can be. Please take extra time and effort to follow the processes explicitly to ensure events provide the best experience for you and your family.

  3. Unless otherwise stated in the specific event description, online registration for the event is mandatory. Most events offer the option to pay online or at the event, but in either case, you still must complete the online registration process. If you have a disabilty or some other handicap that prevents you from completing this process, contact the site administrator via Email or phone at (334) 456-8801. Verbally notifying the district governor or other district personnel is not a substitute for the online registration process.

  4. Registering for the event online via this website does not automatically create a reservation for you or your family at the hotel where the event is held. You must contact the hotel directly to register a room for the event. Information for this for each event is provided in the event description. Please read carefully for this information.

  5. Your district administrators are working diligently to make these events quality engagements for each of you. Please assist them by reading instructions carefully and following them completely. If you encounter an error, a discrepancy or omission in anything, please bring it to our attention. We are trying hard to serve well, but we are human and mistakes will certainly occur. We ask for your patience and understanding when these situations occur.

Thank you for your service in Rotary to your community and the world around you.